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MARTIN RAVALLION holds the inaugural Edmond D. Villani Chair of Economics at Georgetown University. Prior to joining Georgetown in 2013 he was Director of the World Bank’s research department, the Development Research Group. An updated CV can be found here. 

Martin’s main research interests over the last 30 years have concerned poverty and policies for fighting it. He has advised numerous governments and international agencies on this topic, and he has written extensively on this and other subjects in economics, including five books and more than 250 papers in scholarly journals and edited volumes. 





The world's poor cannot protect themselves well from the novel coronavirus

Recommendations to limit the spread of COVID-19 call for social distancing, washing, and access to information and treatment. However, people need to be in household environments that allow them to follow those recommendations.  


Challenges in decentralised implementation of centrally mandated antipoverty programmes

Even when the central government is committed to a jobs guarantee, rationing of work opportunities can arise under decentralised implementation in poor places. 


“We have to get rid of the idea that wanting to reduce inequality makes you a communist”

The former World Bank economist talks to EL PAÍS about his mission to fight global poverty, and how to make capitalism fairer for everyone


Is the gov’t hiding millions of Malaysia’s poor?

Officially there is almost no poverty left in Malaysia. In 2016, the official poverty rate was 0.4% - just four people in every 1,000. Every country in the world would love to have a poverty rate so low - if it can be believed by the country’s citizens.

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